PNotes 9.3.0 for Windows 10


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PNotes is an essential program for every PC user. With his help, we can make a small note in the form of sticky notes on your monitor that will inform you of important events or other events. It's fast, easy and completely free. PNotes runs in the system tray and to get access to all of its options, press the second mouse button on the icon that shows the application. PNotes allow us to store and remind you about important events - birthdays, events, and even when performing simple tasks like cleaning or making purchases or going out with the dog for a walk. PNotes features: - fast and easy way to create and manage sticky notes on your desktop - simple to use - a schedule of tasks and upcoming events, - built-in speech synthesizer that reads the information on slips of paper, - supports any number of predefined tags - protect access to your notes and program password - provides synchronization of local or online via FTP - the possibility of attaching any notes for the selected window, - built-in control panel to manage the configuration options - you can add photos and images into notes - Text Formatting - text content search - send notes via the Internet (e-mail).